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ESSE & ESSE Essence

Individual Session of the Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment

  • 2 hr
  • 6,000 Czech korunas
  • Hrnčířská 222, Jesenice-Zdiměřice

Popis / Description

ESSE is not a technique, ESSE is an energy. It is an abbreviation for the energy synthesis of structural incarnation. The movements during the ESSE session are slow and deep. We follow the energy of the body and what the body wants at the moment. Each session is different, focusing on the specific needs of the body. Everyone has different muscles and bodies developed depending on how they use them. ESSE works on the surface, but also very deep into the depths of the body. It even allows you to work on individual organs. In an ESSE session, we do not assume that something is wrong and we must correct it. We ask the body what it wants to be more comfortable and work more out of space. The kinder we are to our bodies, the less we judge them and allow them to make the change they desire. Our reward is happy and joyful bodies, from whose space our whole life is made much easier and lighter. ❤️

Kontakt / Contact Details

  • Hrnčířská 222, Jesenice-Zdiměřice

    Zdiměřice, Jesenice u Prahy, Česká republika


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