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Access Bars®

Individual Session

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 6,000 Czech korunas
  • Pruhonice u Prahy, 252 43

Popis / Description

What conclusions and opinions of this reality do we take on ourselves and on our bodies? Whose life do we live? Ours, or the one that others expect from us? Who are we and where should we go? And what if we have the answers to all the questions in us a long time ago? What would it be like to know we know? How much joy and lightness would we enrich our lives with? What if we don't even have to try to live life "right" and be taken seriously? What would it be like to stop playing all those social roles and stickers and start playing for real? What is possible to create here every day, what is amazing prepared for us on every corner? What would it be like to finally see and perceive all this around us? What can we learn about ourselves? What surprises and unsuspected possibilities do we hide under a lid full of conclusions, which we put on "our life" as a poppy? Is it time to let the couple go before it all explodes? What else is possible in our lives if we at least stick our heads out? Access Bars® gradually dissolves the belief of this reality and all unnecessary patterns leave the body. All this happens with just a touch on the head, where we have 32 almost miraculous points as the centers of various areas of our lives (money, creation, creativity, healing, etc.). Sessions can take place in complete silence or open questions can be asked, which allow you to see many more options in a given situation or throughout life. After sitting, clients often feel relaxed, relaxed and have an "empty and clean" head. At least three Access Bars® sessions one to two weeks apart are recommended so that the client begins to perceive changes in themselves and in their lives.

Kontakt / Contact Details

  • Pruhonice u Prahy, 252 43

    Průhonice, Czechia


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