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Markéta Podaná


What ease, fun and joy can you invite into your life?

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How many of you do not live life according to yourself, but according to the expectations of others? Who of you is not yourself, because is afraid of the courts and what others think of you? What would it be like to finally cough up all this and be who you really are? The amazing being who fully enjoys its potential and gifts.


I finally allowed myself to it and I feel better and better every day. Incredible freedom, joy, lightness and gratitude. 


What and to whom am I grateful for that? Above all, to myself and the very simple Access Bars® method, which changed my perspectives on myself and life so much that I decided to pass it on through sessions for my clients. It's an amazing tool and a benefit not only for me but for others. If you would like to try the effects on your own skin, resp. rather on your own mind and body, it will be pleasure for me to be your guide.

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"Your choice is what shapes your future. We often have strange beliefs that things and situations happen to us somehow, that they have been chosen for us, that it is destiny, etc. The fact is that every choice we have ever made has created what we live in today. If we change our choices, we may have a different future."


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