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Individual Session Symphony of Possibilities (live or online)

  • 45 minutes
  • 6,000 Czech korunas
  • Hrnčířská 222, Jesenice-Zdiměřice

Popis / Description

The SOP session, or symphony of possibilities, invites you to live on this planet in a completely different way. It is not therapy or healing, it is the discovery and opening of new energies, spaces and possibilities with the intention of empowering you in what you know, what you can choose and change. Everyone has their unique capacities with giving and receiving energies. The Symphony of Possibilities allows you to gain access to what is true for you and your body and what you have come here together to create beyond that reality. ❤️ SOP allows you to go without words behind imaginary obstacles, barriers, walls and limits that you have created in yourself and your body or you have taken for granted. All you have to do is lie down, relax and receive. This session goes far beyond the limits of your mind and opens up a whole new space of your possibilities, choices and beings.

Kontakt / Contact Details

  • Hrnčířská 222, Jesenice-Zdiměřice

    Zdiměřice, Jesenice u Prahy, Česká republika


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