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Energetic Facelift®

Individual Session

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 6,000 Czech korunas
  • Hrnčířská 222, Jesenice-Zdiměřice

Popis / Description

What patterns of aging did you believe? Do you really think the body needs to age? When you have so much and so much, then you have to look so and so? Do you live from the belief that old people are sick and infirm as the body gradually decays? What masks do you hide behind, which does not allow you to stand in your own beauty and energy? Don't you think it's time to take off these masks and stand in your true beauty, strength and energy? What would it be like to no longer have to hide for nothing and anyone and really be who you are? Energetic Facelift® is a very pleasant energy process, where you use the positions of the hands in the upper part of the body and on the face to rejuvenate the body and reverse the aging process. I have already heard the name "natural botox" and the founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglass himself mentions that for many women this process not only smoothed out wrinkles in the face, but also raised the buttocks and breasts. :-) He adds with humor that the extension in intimate games has not been confirmed for men, but you may be the first. :-) At the same time, Energetic Facelift® triggers a number of other energetic processes and thus provides deep healing and care for your body and mind. The result will be reflected in your radiation, posture and most likely in how you manifest to the world and your surroundings.

Kontakt / Contact Details

  • Hrnčířská 222, Jesenice-Zdiměřice

    Zdiměřice, Jesenice u Prahy, Česká republika


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